Lisbon Scouts hold Pinewood Derby

LISBON — Cub Scout Pack 109 started their cars, revved their engines, and raced in the annual Pinewood Derby Jan. 19. Holy Trinity Church in Lisbon hosts this annual event.

The cars don’t actually have motors, though. In fact, they start out as blocks of wood in boxes that come with four nails and four plastic tires. Scouts work with parents by picking designs for their cars and drawing those designs onto the blocks of wood.
Saws, Dremels, sand paper and chisels are then used to shape the block into a race car. Weight is often added to advantageous positions on the cars to increase the speed while descending down the track.
Wheels and nails are sanded to remove burls, and paint is applied to the cars. Stickers, toy drivers and cool-looking, plastic engines are often added to enhance the appearance of the cars.

Dacien Davis, second place Submitted photo)
In the end, each Scout has a cool car to race down the track. However, this race isn’t necessarily about winning and losing. This race brings about authorship, pride, creativity, good sportsmanship and fun for all who attend.
The Scouts can be seen rendering high fives to other Scouts — win or lose.
Lunch is served to the Scouts free of charge, and games are provided for the Scouts who are waiting their turn to race. In addition to games, face painting was available this year for all. There were “lions, and tigers, and bears — oh my!” There was even a race for family members to compete with each other, for fun.
In the end, every race or tournament does have a list of winners and this race is no different, but every racer has a great time at the event, learning how to win some and lose some. The derby has five placers for speed and one place called “Best in Show.” William Lucas took first place in the derby, Dacien Davis was runner up, Logan Diaz was third, Sophia Kuhl was fourth, Nigel Kuhn was fifth, and Logan Beal took “Best in Show.”
For more information about these events and and other Scouting opportunities, contact the pack at or look them up on Facebook at Pack109.Lisbon.

TOP PHOTO: Lisbon Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby first-place winner William Lucas accepts his tropy. (Submitted photo)

Below are the proud winners with their trophies:

Third place winner Logan Diaz Submitted photo)
Sophie Kuhl, fourth-place winner. (Submitted photo)

Fifth place winner Nigel Kuhn (Submitted photo)
Best in Show Logan Beal. (Submitted photo)