Gardiner Area Middle School welcomes veterans, military to class

The eighth grade class and faculty at Gardiner Area Middle School welcomed 13 veterans and active-duty military members into their classrooms to talk about their military careers on Veterans Day. Front row, from left, Isaac Marquis, Jackson Gray, Trevor Barron, Leighla Cardis; middle row, Ella Kruk, Isabelle Genovese, Mikayla Cleary,Connor Tibbetts, Debra Couture (USN-retired), Jeff Bickford (USA-retired), Garfield Grant, Lila Anderson, Georgiana McCamish; back rose 1 Sgt. Matthew Morneau (USMC-Active Duty), David Wilson (USN-retired), Donald Goggin (USA-Vietnam), Sheila Tukey (USA-Vietnam), Denise Emery (USN-retired), Michael Boyce (USA-retired), Lt. Dennis VanLeeuwen (USN-Active Duty), Ted Smith (USN-Vietnam), Greg Couture (USN-retired), Maj. Roger Pierce (USMC-Active Duty), Jim Keenan (USA-Vietnam). (Submitted photo)