Oquossoc Storybook Walk, opening July 1, will feature ‘I Am Birch’

OQUOSSOC — The Rangeley Region Guides and Sportsmen’s Association Tim Baker Trail will open on Wednesday, July 1, and this year’s Storybook Walk will feature the book “I Am Birch” by Scott Kelley.
A brief overview of the story reads “As dark rumors swirl through the woods, animals start to panic — storing nuts, hoarding berries, taking down trees — until a birch tree stump uses wisdom and humor to put their fears to rest. The birch emerges as the unlikely champion and protector of the forest in this story inspired by Wabanaki tales.”
Chilren and their adults may take a short walk in the woodsand experience the book surrounded by nature.
The trail is behind the Rangeley Region Guides and Sportsmen’s Association clubhouse on Old Skiway Road and is open to the public.
For more information, email info@rangeleyoutdoors.org or visit www.rangeleyoutdoors.org.