Pepper jelly maker becomes quick bread baker to sweeten the lives of her customers

WAYNE — Sandra Dwight-Barris is no stranger to her kitchen, spending ample amounts of time making product for her pepper jelly business — Grey Goose Gourmet. That familiarity has recently adapted to a sweet-bread making haven on the weekends, accommodating the curveball to her business throughout this strange and historic time.
Thousands throughout Maine are thinking outside the box, and as multitudes of shows and festivals are being cancelled, Dwight-Barris saw an opportunity to start selling sweet breads, also known as quick breads, out of her open-air barn shop. She bakes a rotating selection such as banana blueberry, lemon poppy seed, and raspberry swirl, with cinnamon swirl a weekly highlight. Sweet breads freeze well and can easily last up to a week in the refrigerator, though she notes they don’t usually make it that long.
Grey Goose Gourmet continues to offer pepper jellies out of the shop every day of the week, as well as online at Sweet breads appear Friday through Sunday during the pickup hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Taking cash and check through an honor box system, small loaves are priced at $4 and large loaves for $6. Through self-serve, one may expect a greeting in the driveway by Hennie, their Labradoodle.
If you’d like to know in advance which sweet bread varieties Dwight-Barris is baking for the weekend, check out Grey Goose Gourmet’s Facebook and Instagram pages. She is accepting bread reservations through these platforms, as well as by phone at 207-557-2383. Your order will be set aside with your name; just let her know which day of the weekend you’re able to pick up.
Find the Grey Goose Gourmet barn shop in downtown Wayne at 536 Main St.