New Dimensions FCU donates more than $11,000 during COVID-19 pandemic

WATERVILLE — When faced with unprecedented times, we all want to know help will be available in times of need. Unfortunately, the resources we have are limited, and it is the responsibility of the community to ensure underserved people are able to utilize them when needed.
Food banks and food pantries are there to assist every person possible, but they need our help to be successful. Everyone has experienced a time when they were unsure how to find necessary resources to meet their most basic needs, so we need to work together to take care of those who need our help the most.
Because New Dimensions FCU cares about its community and wanted to do something to help, they have donated over $11,000 to seven local food banks and food pantries, noted CEO Ryan Poulin.
“We all must play a role in keeping our community healthy and safe, so we quickly rallied to donate the funds to the quickly dwindling food banks and food pantries that needed it most,” Poulin added. “Everyone needs to eat, and we are doing our best to help as many people as possible, get through this pandemic.
“New Dimensions FCU wants you to remain healthy. With you, your family and many communities in mind, we have found ourselves in a time of uncertainty,” he continued “but know that together we will come out of this stronger, more united, and able to walk into the future with a solid understanding of what it takes to work together.”
If you have any questions or need financial assistance, contact New Dimensions FCU at 800-326-6190. Stay healthy!