Dell donates laptops to help LEAP get back on its feet

WILTON — Bobby Brisard and Jamison Luke from Dell Technologies recently presented 35 laptop computers to LEAP’s executive director, Darryl Wood.
LEAP — Life Enrichment Advancing People — an organization supporting adults with developmental, cognitive and intellectual disabilities.
More than 20 laptops were destroyed Sept. 16 in the explosion that leveled the organization’s central office building; many of those had been recently purchased.As an organization, LEAP has been buyinging Dell computer equipment for many years.
Brisard, a performance consultant for Dell living in New Sharon, happened to be at Shiretown Tire — next door to the LEAP building — when it exploded, and jumped in to help others who were trying to get injured out of the basement. Wood later reached out to thank him for his bravery. “During the course of that converstion, Bobby said he worked for Dell and was putting together some kind of assistance for us. I was stunned,” Wood recalled.
“It was a pleasure to be able to help and have something like this come to fruition,” noted Brisard. “My hope is that this helps LEAP continue the great work that they do for their clients and the greater community.”
“Bobby asked Dell to make this grant to LEAP to lend a hand to a worthwhile organization in need,” added Luke, a manager in escalation management. “We, at Dell, are always looking for ways our team can do more for our communities as a whole. We hope this keeps LEAP on their feet.”
“I am so thankful for this generous donation,” said Wood. “We have staff who are using personal computers or old, outdated equipment. Like most businesses today, we are extremely dependent on computers. This is a huge gesture on the part of Dell, and I’m excited to get the latest technology into the hands of our employees so they can do their important work effectively.” The total value of the laptops donated is close to $24,000.

PHOTO: Technologies representatives Jameson Luke, left, and Bobby Brisard. (Submitted photo)