Blood drive in honor of Bath’s Madeline Marzen is June 13

BATH — A blood drive in honor in memory of 4-year-old Bath native Madeline Marzen’s battle with cancer will be held in Bath on Thursday, June 13.
Madeline passed away in October 2017 from a malignant brain tumor. In 2018, more than 150 people donated blood in her memory.

“We were blown away with the outcome of our first blood drives last year,” said Madeline’s mother, Amie Marzen. She said there were four blood drives in honor of Madeline in 2018. “We recognize the ongoing need for blood donations and hope to keep building on the successes we had last year.”
With each blood donation saving approximately three lives, the impact is huge. According to the American Red Cross, 34 percent of blood donations are needed for those fighting a cancer battle. Madeline needed three transfusions/ platelets during her two-month cancer battle, which her mother pledged to match to pay forward the blood used by her daughter.
Marzen’s donation at the blood drives marked the sixth donation she’s made since her daughter’s passing.
“During Madeline’s illness, she needed blood or platelets three times total. I remember watching her receive these donations and mentally pledging to pay the donation back, so to speak,” said Marzen. “There are so many kids still fighting, including several fighting the same tumor my daughter fought, so this blood drive is for them.”
The Bath blood drive will be held at the Bath Senior Center, 45 Floral St., home of the Midcoast Life Church. Preregistration is encouraged for the blood drives. The Bath drive will include childcare for the duration of a donor’s time there, thanks to volunteers at Midcoast Life Church.
There are also Portland-area drives in Madelines memory. For more information visit and search for “Madeline” to select either drive or can pledge to donate in her name through (search for Madeline’s Blood Drives 2019).
“Every three seconds, someone needs blood,” Marzen said. “Three of those times, it was my daughter. We don’t know who will need it next, but we can donate blood and make sure that whoever needs it, has it. Blood cannot be manufactured, so this is an easy way that we can take care of our neighbors,” says Amie. “I’m forever grateful for how the community has supported my family, and hope others will join us in donating blood.”