FEATURED COLUMN by Britny Belskis: Get ready for your best year ever

By Britny Belskis

Happy New year friends,
Today we say good-bye to 2018, and hello to 2019. I don’t know how your last year was. You may have experienced the worst year of your life, or even have taken your first steps out into the water for the first time.

I want you to know that whatever you experienced in the past year doesn’t compare to the joy that is coming. Dear sweet friend, I declare that this year you will experience restoration, reconciliation and so much happiness.
I believe that this year is going to be one that you will remember, and you will mark it down in your books as the year that everything changed for the good. If you got a diagnosis of some kind, I believe that you will experience the warm healing power that is brought with a smile, a laugh or a warm embrace.
If you have experienced hard times with family, friends or even employees, in 2019 there will bring in forgiveness and wholeness in all relationships. This year is going to be the year where families reunite, friendships will be re-established and so much love will be all around.
This year, get ready for the best year that you have ever experienced in your life.
The holy one wants to show you all the blessings that he has for you. Be ready to breathe in the new and exhale the old.