FEATURED COLUMN by Britny Belskis: Kindness is the new thing

Happy holiday, friends!
As the holiday is upon us, I am reminded of all the good and wonderful things in this world. I feel that that there is so much kindness that people need to see. The news is constantly showing things that are sad or something totally horrific. This is the time where we must band together and show people that they are still good things, good news.

I heard about some organizations and people who are suing good in this world that you should be on the look out for.
I was listening to a podcast today and the announcer was talking to Blythe Hill, who is the founder of Duesenberg. This organization has started to raise awareness of human trafficking in our country and around the world. Hill said that it started out being a fun little challenge, but God turned it into something that she didn’t expect. Hill also said that when she did her first challenge, she raised about over $65,000 in that is only in one month! Isn’t that good? It’s funny how God can take one dream that we have and bring it to something bigger and better then we ever expected. So, for me, I’m going to just wear dresses the month of December to raise awareness of this cause. I think it’s such an amazing cause and plus I love to wear dresses! Ladies, come on, let’s do it! Any for the men, join in too and you can wear a bow tie for the month!
Another organization that I like that’s similar is the Penny story! I feel super close to this organization because it all started with a former Southeastern University student who is a friend of mine. As a junior in college, Kendall Altemeyer (Philips) had a calling on her heart to find a way to help stopping human trafficking. One day while sitting in class, Philips’s professor was comparing a penny to victims of human trafficking, saying that just like pennies are left at gas station countertops for our own convenience — we take one, if we need one or we leave it if we don’t.
The professor continued to say that these copper coins represent millions of human trafficking victims. Philips said that statement changed her life and she would never look at a penny the same again. Fast forward to 2013, when Philips created a simple little bracelet to sell to those who would want to buy one. All the proceeds at that time went to A21 (another organization that helped the same cause), but God had something bigger for this small-town girl from SEU.
One of the big Christian music artists took notice of what Philips wanted to achieve and started selling the bracelets at her merchandise table. Philips said everything after that fell into place, and she started a nonprofit and has been going strong with it since then. This girl is a friend that I’m so privileged to know, and I am so proud of what God is doing in her life. She is changing the world one penny at a time.
These are just a few organizations that are showing kindness to those who are the ones that we as people don’t even give a glance to. If you want more information of these organizations, the first is dressember.com and the other is thepennystory.com. To be completely honest, I wasn’t planning to write about two human-trafficking nonprofits, but I feel that the world needs to hear these stories to know that there is good news out there.