FEATURED COLUMN by Britny Belskis: Who’s my future spouse?

By Britny Belskis

Hey Friends,
Happy September! So last week I prayed and journaled about my future, specifically my future spouse. It took me some effort to write that sentence in this article, although I believe someone out there may need to hear this.

I also told you, when I started writing this column, I would be honest with you no matter how it makes me feel. This past week I did a whole week of praying over my future husband.
Here is a little glimpse into my life outside of this article. I haven’t had a boyfriend, I haven’t been on dates, and I have never been kissed. Basically, I’m the character in “A Walk to Remember” or the movie “Never Been Kissed.”
I feel that picking a future spouse is something every “single” person needs to think very seriously about. So, whether you are married, dating or even single, the next few paragraphs are going to pin-point how we can pray (send good vibes) to our future spouse or current one.
The first item we are going to look at is praying over a future relationship with that person’s higher power. This sets the foundation for your future spouse. You want that person’s spirituality to be in right standing with what your beliefs are. Personally, I prayed for God to open my future husbands’ heart, mind and overall spiritual growth. That he’d send me a man who would love the Lord with all his heart and seek what is right. A good activity to do is to write this down in your journal, so you can go back over it at a later time.
The second item is praying over your future spouse’s past hurts, habits or even hang-ups. This is essential for your future spouse’s whole healing of whatever they have gone through in their life. Praying specifically for each need and putting up a wall of protection over them, so that no past hurts would carry on.
As I journaled about this last week, I prayed the Lord would protect my future husband from any past emotional scarring that might have been present in his past, that the lord would wrap him in love and let him know he can be open about what he has gone through, and that he could truly heal from whatever pain he has been suffering for years.
The third aspect is to pray over your future spouse’s purpose. Praying over their purpose is something we shouldn’t take lightly. People search for their purpose finding it in different spots.
As I prayed and fasted, I asked for no distractions that would derail my future husband’s purpose, that he would fall in love with it and follow it through to the end.
I know this article has a lot of talk about praying, which I do know some people aren’t used to the idea of that. All I’m asking is that you would have an open mind to this, take the good out of what has been said and try to apply in your own life.