MORNING BOOK BREAK: ‘The Shining,’ by Stephen King

BOOK: The Shining
AUTHOR: Stephen King

By Clarence Carter

“The Shining” by Stephen King is fascinating! I didn’t know what to expect walking into this book, and although I did see the movie, it was so long ago I don’t remember much. I like this genre a lot. It had elements that make good fiction — psychological horror and paranormal thrills.

The way King portrayed the Overlook Hotel was intense. There are parts of this book that are certainly nail-biting. The most compelling part of this story, to me, was the scenery. King can paint a picture with words. I felt as if I were at the hotel. The mountains and the snow-capped peaks were descriptive.
Jack Torrance was a brilliantly developed, complicated character. I found his struggle with sobriety and his decaying family life to be intriguing. Again, I felt as if I were inside the hotel with the characters. Wendy and Danny’s growing connection was fun to watch.
The Overlook Hotel description was like visiting the best haunted house ever. A couple of scenes played out well in my head. What a profound piece of literary history!
Overall, I give this book an 8/10. It isn’t my favorite King book, but it is exceptional. I would suggest if you haven’t already read it, find it. It holds up after all these years.

Clarence Carter, an avid reader, resides in Auburn.