FEATURE COLUMN by Britny Belskis: Have a dream? Take the leap

By Britny Belskis

Hey friends,
I’ve been on vacation in the western mountains of Maine on a beautiful lake for a few weeks.
This is my favorite time of year to spend time in Maine. I tell people all the time that I have the best of both worlds.

One world is filled with backroads, campfires, fireflies and bare feet. The other is filled with studying, church services, sharing life with my friends and family. I am truly blessed with everything that God has given me.
Do you have a place that you go that has a place in your heart? Well, for me it’s up in Maine. The beauty of this state is so captivating, and the people are so friendly it’s like you’ve known them your whole life.
This year in Maine, my family and I are exploring what Maine has to offer. For example, my mom and I are going to go horseback riding in the mountains. Another adventure that we will partake in is going to Canada (I have never been). These things that my family and I are doing are things that I have had on my bucket list. I feel that vacations are the time to do the things that you haven’t done before.
What are some of the things you want to do? Is it run a 5k? Or something more adventurous, like parasailing? Whatever you decide to do, write it down somewhere you can see it.
One of my favorite memories that I’ve done was parasailing off Anna Maria Island, in Florida. It was the most peaceful and thrilling experience I have ever done in my life.
In the moments before, that I had to have a pep talk with myself, saying “Britny, God wants you to experience all that life has to offer, ake a breath and leap!”
I took that and made it my mantra of my life.
Friends, I want to tell you not to be afraid of what seems to be impossible, because God will make the impossible possible.
So, until next time friends, we will talk soon!