FEATURE COLUMN by Britny Belskis: Appreciate your ‘tribe’

Hey, lovely readers,
I am so excited and happy to meet with you — my tribe — once again. If you are reading this, you are part of my tribe. You are probably able to see where this article is going, but if not, that is totally OK.

This month we are talking about our “tribe.” You know who I mean — the people in our lives who know us better then we know our selves, whom we can sit with, wearing our pajamas, drinking a cup of hot tea and talking for hours about nothing. This is where our journey begins; three things are needed for building our own tribe.
I think I have heard this question and even asked it myself a few times. How do we know the people in our lives are supposed to be in our tribe? I know, for me, I have discovered the people in my tribe are the ones I do life with — my family and friends. Each one brings something special into my life. I know this is not the case fo rmany people, but it is in mine. God has given me such a loving, compassionate, loud and supportive community of people who are there for me no matter what life brings.
For instance, this past November, my family and close friends gathered together to put on a benefit concert to raise money for me to receive these special glasses helping me to see things a person with 20/20 vision would be able to see. This has been my dream ever since I was a little girl. One take away I learned from that experience was the people who are supposed to be in my tribe also want the best for me. Do you have those people in your life? The ones who help you achieve your dreams? This is an essential key to look for when locating your own tribe.
The next stop on the journey is finding the “encourager” in your tribe — your cheerleader. For me, that person is my mom. She is cheering me on whether it be in school or in my personal life. She will leave encouraging notes around the house to lift my spirits. Is there a person in your life who gives you little sprinkles of encouragement? Finding this person is like finding a special jewel; do not let them go.
The last stop is looking for the person who challenges you to be a better person. I can’t choose only one person who fills this role, because each one challenges me in different ways. For instance, my dad challenges me to see the best in everyone; my mom challenges me to show kindness to everyone I meet; my sister challenges me to be myself.
Until we meet again, my lovely readers, find the people who help you be the best version of yourself.