Turner artist’s work displayed at CMMC through February

IMAGE: “The Dawn of a New Day,” a painting by by Nancy Clark (Submitted image)

LEWISTON — The Woman’s Hospital Association Rotating Art Gallery at Central Maine Medical Center is displaying the paintings of artist Nancy Clark, of Turner, for the month of February.
Clark draws inspiration from her Maine surroundings – the magnificent layered mountains, open fields, flowing rivers, sparkling ponds and wide-open horizon of the ever-moving ocean.
“My greatest artistic influence comes from Maine’s varied seascapes and their ever-changing and beautiful atmospheres,” Turner said. “This current sea and sky series which focuses on the horizon line and the effects of changing light, sets the stage for contemplating distant spaces and its mysteries and callings. These images are inspired by reality, but are created by allowing the painting to lead the way to its own conclusion.”
The works on display may be purchased through the WHA Gift Shop, adjacent to the main lobby at Central Maine Medical Center. A percentage of sale proceeds benefits patients of CMMC.