Tweedie watercolors on display at Norway Memorial Library

NORWAY – Visitors to Norway Memorial Library can enjoy its latest art exhibit, “The Phenomenal Intricacy of Such Tiny Creatures,” which features 15 whimsical watercolor paintings of insects painted by Alice Tweedie.
The display is on view through Oct. 15.
Tweedie, an area resident, is a professional artist, who began drawing and painting insects a few years ago. Her passion is for connecting with nature – taking care of animals, growing things, and being outdoors. “I love to make things, create things, whether it be in the garden or at the easel,” she said.
Tweedie is also a puppeteer who, performed with Jim Henson and Shari Lewis and others. Tweedie also performed two years of national service through the AmeriCorps VISTA and the AmeriCorps Promise Fellow programs, focusing on food security for the state of Maine, and publishing two books for DHHS on hikes for school groups in Maine, and gardening for children in Maine. The books were distributed to more than 1, 000 schools and learning centers statewide. She tutored children in the public schools in Portland and in Gorham, and has taught puppetry and art classes to both children and adults in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Maine.