Efficiency Maine releases seventh EV video

AUGUSTA — Efficiency Maine has launched its seventh electric vehicle educational video, “Maximizing Your Home Charge.”
The video adds to the series of educational videos produced by the quasi-state agency that appears on its newly redesigned Efficiency Maine web pages. The series of short, 2- to 4-minute videos complements a rich array of educational materials about EVs, rebates, and charging infrastructure to help Maine consumers learn more about and become more comfortable with EVs.
The website already includes an instructional video on home charging installation tips, how to use public EV chargers, ways to pay for a public charge, where and how to find EV chargers, and “one-pedal driving,” which enables drivers to come to a full stop without using the brake pedal. Other videos under production will describe considerations for workplaces and businesses looking to install public chargers..
Mainers also can find extensive written materials on the refreshed Efficiency Maine EV web pages, including a new guidebook on “How to Select and Install a Home Electric Vehicle Charger,” which provides useful information and tips for current and prospective EV owners. The guide answers common questions about home EV charging, such as:
What is a Level 2 EV charger?
Why should I charge my EV at home?
Where can I buy an EV charger?
How much does it cost to purchase and install a charger?
Where can I find an electrician to install my charger?
To learn more about electric vehicle technology and how to maximize its benefits visit www.efficiencymaine.com/ev.