Sidney fire chief presented with Spirit of America Tribute

SIDNEY — Richard Jandreau, the town’s fire chief, fire warden and emergency management director, was awarded the 2021 Spirit of America Tribute.
Jandreau was awarded the certificate during a select board meeting Aug. 2. He will also be honored at next March’s town meeting.
Jandreau was named Spirit of America winner after the select board received a letter from a firefighter, Justin Raymond, in southwest Florida whose parents are town residents. His parents live in Sidney and his father, a retired firefighter, had to have surgery and rehabilitation in Massachusetts.
Raymnd wrote:
“The reason for this letter is, my mother was all alone with nobody to console her and give her a hug. I was not able to leave southwest Florida. But your chief showed up like you would expect a great firefighter to do. He has done this time and time again, and I know this from talking to people in your community.
“He is an outstanding person in your community and a great leader. He drives the bus with your children. He’s a great chief, he’s a great brother, he’s a great friend and I consider him blood. There’s nothing I would not do for that man. And I appreciate his service and his outstanding integrity. You should be so lucky to have such a person in your community.
“I wanted your community to know how great a person you have looking out for you. If you see him on the streets tip your hat, take a knee, and say, ‘Thank you chief.” I salute him and your community should as well.”
The letter was received by Desiree Hersom, the select board’s administrative assistant, and she nominated Jandreau for the award.
In presenting the award to Jandreau, the board said, “We tip our hats to you, Chief, this one is well-deserved.”
The Spirit of America Foundation Tribute began in Augusta in 1990. It is presented in the name of Maine municipalities – and starting in 2020, the Spirit of America Foundation Education Tribute is presented in the name of Maine school districts – to local individuals, organizations and projects for commendable community service.