Umbagog wildlife film will premier April 1

RANGELEY — The avian fall migration at Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge offers an abundance of species that have been captured in the film, “In Conservation a Single Tree can Tell a Story: Birding at Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge,” through a partnership with Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust and Umbagog UWR.
The film will be shown at 3 and 6 p.m. Thursday April 1 via Zoom. After the 20-minute movie, a panel of Umbagog biologist and Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust staff will answer audience questions. The event is free, though participants must register via to receive the premiere link.
Umbagog NWR is at the heart of a globally important bird area that spans more than 5 million acres in the western Maine mountains. The ranges of elevation, hydrology and mixed forest types make it the perfect rest over for hundreds of species flying south for the winter.
Located on the Rangeley Lakes Birding Trail and Maine Birding Trail, Umbagog Lake is the southernmost of the Rangeley Lakes chain, which flow together as the headwaters of the Androscoggin River.
PHOTO: Maine Mountain Media, Umbagog NWR staff and RLHT staff on the Umbagog Lake filming. (Submitted photo)