Turner Library’s new space embraces present, looks to future

TURNER — Turner Public Library has added to its with a new book sale area on the second floor of the Leavitt Institute, and future plans to also create a new children’s library area there.
In October, the library and Leavitt Institute Committee agreed the library could take over a large room on the second floor.
“We’ve had our eye on the room for a while,” said Library Director Ellen Bradley. “It’s a good space for us now and in the future.”
The room now houses a year-round book sale, extending the library’s Fourth of July sale. COVID safety precautions last year meant the TPL’s annual Independence Day activities had to be canceled or adapted, and the library staff and volunteers decided that adapting services, events and programming was necessary to ensure services they can continue despite external circumstances. One of the first events addressed was the annual book sale.
“People are very generous with their book donations, especially as their children grow as readers, they find that they need to revamp their at-home libraries,” said book sale volunteer Jennifer Talbot. “Having this vast selection to choose from all year is a wonderful thing.”
One side of the room is dedicated to adult books, audiobooks, CDs and DVDs; the other side has books for young readers. There are comfortable chairs, rugs and a table where shoppers can relax. Special collections are displayed for easy viewing, and rare and high demand sets are available in the library. COVID safety precautions are in effect. The book sale room is open when the library is open, Tuesday through Saturday.
Pricing has been streamlined to make it easier for shoppers to use the honor system payment box in the room. Unless marked separately, hardcovers are $1 and paperbacks 50 cents. Shoppers who want assistance tallying their purchases may consult with the library staff. Gift certificates are available.
“The book sale has been very popular since we opened in November, and we’re happy that folks who prefer to purchase materials have a local spot where they can shop,” Bradley said. “Our volunteer crew is doing a great job of keeping the shelves stocked and organized. We’re grateful to have this warm, welcoming little shop.”
Plans include continuing the book sale, but also expanding the children’s library so young patrons have room to explore. At that point, the third-floor library will be remodeled “into a dynamic part of the library — it’s just a matter of planning and fundraising.”
Building a dedicated children’s library is, according to library associations, a substantial but important investment in a community’s future. The library hopes to raise the money and begin the process within a few years, so that Turner-area children can enjoy a solid start in literacy. The library is actively seeking support for the children’s library campaign and reognition naming of the new children’s library is an option. Families interested in helping grow the library may phone 207-225-2030 or email info@turnerpubliclibrary.org