Rosary events to be held in Gray, Norway Oct. 10

PORTLAND — October is dedicated as the Month of the Holy Rosary by Catholics (memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary is held each year on Oct. 7) in gratitude for the protection that Catholics believe Mary gives the church in answer to the praying of the Rosary by the faithful.
In commemoration, several public Rosary rallies are planned for Maine. All are welcome. As gatherings are confirmed, they will be added to the list at
Two events will be held in central Maine at noon, Saturday, Oct. 10.
The are at St. Gregory Church, 24 North Raymond Road, Gray, and St. Catherine of Sienna Church, 32 Paris St., Nortway, on the front sidewalk.
The Rosary is a living prayer form that continues to develop, even in recent times. An invocation known as the Fatima Prayer was commonly added in the early 20th century. Pope Leo XIII strongly promoted the increase of devotion to the Blessed Mother by encouraging the constant use of the Rosary. In 2002, St. John Paul II, who called the Rosary his favorite prayer, added a new set of five reflections, the Luminous Mysteries, which encourage additional meditations on the life of Jesus.