Paris Public Library looking for mitten, hat knitters

SOUTH PARIS — Bags of of yarn have been donated to Paris Public Library to be put to good use. With winter coming, the library has decided to pass the yard on to those who are willing to knit hats and mittens for Christmas for Kids.
The contributions of time and skill to make these necessary items to keep little hands and heads warm during our long Maine winters will be greatly appreciated, library officials said. Larger mittens will go to Christmas for Teens or be put to another good use.
Beginning Sept. 28, three will be a clothesline behind the front desk with bags of yarn attached. The librarian will give those who’d like to participate whichever bag or bags they prefer for the purpose of making mittens and hats for children in the community.
During October, November and part of December, there will be a drop box to drop the completed items into.
For more information, call Paris Public Library at 207-743-6994