RFA hosts community art installation on Main Street

RANGELEY — The Rangeley Friends of the Arts wants to brighten the downtown area for all to enjoy.
Along the outside of the RFA Lakeside Theater, 2493 Main St., along the walkway beside Blue Flame, the RFA will host a community art installation,”Together We Can Reach For Amazing!” All ages are welcome to participate.
The RFA will provide anyone interested in participating with a 24×24 inch board to decorate with paints or other media with each square expressing the theme “happiness.” The art will be displayed outdoors, so those decorating square should consider this in their choice of media. If desired, the RFA will apply a top coat of clear weatherproof sealer to protect the art from the elements.
Entries should be completed and delivered to the theater before the end of June. The installation will be displayed from July through September. The RFA hopes to have an awards event in August. The art will be returned to the artists in October.
Stop by the RFA Lakeside Theater between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday to register and pick up a board.