What we see on our Maine road-less-traveled walks

In the midst of rapidly changing directives surrounding the cononavirus response, more people are taking walks around the roads less traveled — or even the roads well traveled. Avoiding frost heaves and the occasional pothole, there are bound to be views one doesn’t see or note while driving or biking. Here are a few from a recent stroll.

Completely invisible through the summer months, this old rock chimney stands like a sentinel over granite foundations indicating where its house was once positioned. In all likelihood, the house fell victim to a fire, since there is not a stick of wood anywhere, but if any of our readers know the history of this homestead, we’d love to hear from you.

Readers — Do you know where this is? [Answer is at the bottom].

Parts of the original granite foundation still survive.
Another foundation wall show what appears to be a more modern repair.
Readers, do you know what this is? The biggest clue is the TITAN door on the other side.
Behind the TITAN door
A partially-buried vintage sink is rusting away in the remnants of what was once someone’s home. Granite and rock foundation walls are still evident.

This old homestead is at Bailey and Little Wilson Hill roads in Auburn.

(Linda Galway photos)