Lewiston mayor urges tenants, landlords to communicate during coronavirus crisis

LEWISTON — Mayor Mark Cayer is urging tenants to keep the lines of communication open with their landlords during this “tough financial moment in time.”
Lewiston Social Services Director Elaine Brackett, agreed in a news release issued by the city. “Communication is key. We have worked with some very responsive landlords in this community, and tenants need to let their landlords know if they have been financially impacted due to the coronavirus,” she said.
General Assistance is a resource available for individuals who are without sufficient income to meet their basic needs, but it is the tenant’s responsibility to apply for this assistance and to communicate this to his/her landlord.
Brackett notes, “General Assistance is for people experiencing an emergency financial situation. This does not mean that every person in the community becomes eligible because there is a local emergency. If a person is receiving income and/or has reserve funds that can cover their basic needs, that person is not experiencing an emergency warranting General Assistance.”
Those with the inability to provide for themselves, however, may call Social Services at 207-513-3130. Brackett assures that each caller’s situation will be thoroughly reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
“Everyone’s circumstances are different. We listen and respond as to whether we can be of help or whether other options might be more beneficial for them to pursue,” added Brackett.