Turner Publishing offers COVID-19 resources, and wants to hear your good news

Turner Publishing wants to make sure its readers say up to date on the most current information and resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
For general information and updates, visit the Maine CDC website, which is updated frequently and offers a wide range of information, or call 800-232-4636 (800-CDC-INFO).
For business information and help, visit the Small Business Association coronavirus loans and resource information page.
To read good community news for free, visit www.turnerpublishing.net.
Also, please send us your photos and news of people doing good things for each other throughout this time of crisis at. Email them to articles@turnerpubling.net.
Let us know how we at Turner Publishing can help at www.suggestions@turnerpublishing.net
We care, and together we will get through this. The good will prevail.