Wilson Lake 2020 Ice-Out Contest tickets available

WILTON — Many area residents are ready for the snow and ice to melt and for spring to start. But when will that be? What’s your guess?
Bruce Dyke, of the Wilton Fish and Game Association, caretaker of the Wilson Lake Ice Out contest encourages everyone to take a chance that their guess is best for a $5 ticket. The winner with the guess closest to when the ice is actually out on Wilson Lake wins $100. Proceeds, apart from the prize money, benefit the Wilton Fish & Game Association. The deadline for entries is April 1.
The ice is considered out on Wilson Lake when a boat can go from the boat launch to the big island without touching ice.
Last year was the first year with two winners who both guessed the same day, hour and minute. The ice was called out at 10 a.m. May 2. The 2019 winners were Alvin McDonald and John Shaw, both of Wilton. They each donated their winnings to the Wilton Food Bank. In all, 90 people bought tickets in 2019.
Tickets are available from Dyke, as well as at Steve’s Market in Dryden; Law Mountain Bakery, Pond Road; Robin’s Bait Shop, Jay. Those who want to take a guess can also just put their name, contact number and money in an envelope with the month, day, hour and minute the ice will go out, and mail it to Bruce Dyke, P.O. BOX 605, Wilton, ME 04294.

PHOTO: Bruce Dyke can’t wait for the ice to melt on Wilson Lake. When will that be? You can buy a ticket to win $100 with your best guess in the annual Wilson Lake Ice Out contest. (Submitted photo)