Canton nonprofit Wilder Waters Community gets donation

AUBURN — Wilder Waters Community recently received a $500 donation from Auburn Savings Bank to further its efforts as a nonprofit and intentional community in Canton protecting wild land and traditional life ways.
The organization owns more than 300 acres, which it plans to turn into a nature preserve for wildlife habitat and for use as an outdoor classroom. Through an annual, primitive skills gathering, seasonal classes such as “spring foraging” and its new hunter-gatherer apprenticeship program, Wilder Waters is reconnecting humans to the natural world.
The premise is having a relationship with wild lands will bring more attention to conserving landscapes. Wilder Waters believes this will create a healthier human population as well as surrounding environment.
“If people harvest nutrient dense wild food through foraging, hunting and fishing; craft clothing by traditional hide tanning; and create medicine through evidence-based herbal medicine, they will be much healthier and they will have a great reason to keep the forests standing,” explained President Sara Moore.
The donation from Auburn Savings Bank will go directly to land payments as the organization plans to purchase more land in the near future. For more information, call 207-320-9228 or visit

PHOTO: Wilder Waters President Sara Moore processing a deer hide into leather for clothing. (Submitted photo)