Halloween ‘Storywalk’ now ready along Auburn’s Riverwalk

AUBURN – The city of Auburn, in collaboration with LA Arts, has announced the completion of a new “Storywalk” project along the city’s Riverwalk. The project includes eight durable display cases installed along the 1.6 mile Riverwalk, between Festival Plaza on Main St. and Bonney Park in New Auburn, showcasing different “art and culture” pieces each month. Trail end points are at Moulton Park at Hutchins and High streets in Auburn and Great Falls Plaza near Turner Street and Simard-Payne Memorial Park at Beech and Oxford streets in Lewiston
Residents and visitors of all ages are encouraged to take a monthly stroll along the Riverwalk to enjoy the displays. Storywalk will also be part of LA Arts’ annual “Last Friday Art Walk” held May through October.
Auburn’s Storywalk currently features a fun and spooky Halloween theme. Each display case contains a verse from a different piece of Halloween-inspired literature, along with title and author information, a fun fact, photos of the book covers, and one or two photo representations created by students at Edward Little High School.
In November, Auburn’s Storywalk will feature art and essays by Walton Elementary students about the importance of being thankful and giving back.
The Auburn Recreation Department will be organizing and changing the displays monthly.For more information, contact Auburn Recreation Director Sabrina Best at sbest@auburnmaine.gov or 207-333-6611.