Milkweed Puppet Theater presents ‘The Dandelion Girl’ Sept. 28

FARMINGTON — The Milkweed Puppet Theater will present “The Dandelion Girl,” a free hand puppet show for all ages, on Saturday, Sept. 28.
The performance will take place at 10:30 a.m. at the Farmington Public Library.
“The Dandelion Girl” is a fairytale written and performed by The Milkweed Puppet Theater. Told with hand puppets in an old-fashioned puppet theater, this lively and interactive tale is about discovering simple treasures.
A kindly woodchuck couple who long for a child rejoice when their wish brings a teeny tiny girl named Dandelion. Dandelion is a delight, but when she spills a pitcher of milk, the frightened child runs off into the forest. There she meets a snowshoe hare, a bear picking blackberries, and a dragon who is fiercely guarding his shining jewels. Is Dandelion quick enough to snatch a jewel, or does she have something to trade? What is it that a dragon living deep in a dark cave has never known?
The Milkweed Puppet Theater is the work of Nancy Tyndall, who is a puppeteer, storyteller and naturalist. She has performed and taught throughout Maine for more than 30 years, winning awards of laughter and hugs from thousands of children. She lives with a bobtail cat named Clarabelle in Lincolnville, where the chickadees give her stories.

PHOTO: Nancy Tyndall and friends. (Submitted photo)