Wilton Blueberry Festivall winners announced

WILTON — The winners from events in the 37th Wilton Blueberry Festival were recently announced. The festival was held Aug. 2 and 3.

Commercial: 1st Spencer Transport, 2nd Brooks Lawn Care, 3rd Home Auto Group.
Americanism: 1st Slingshot (Timberlake), 2nd American Red Cross, 3rd 1948 Jeepster (Ryder).
Most Original: 1st Winter Hill Taxidermy, 2nd Train with children (Paige), 3rd Antique Snowmobiles.
Mardi Gras: 1st Farmington Emblem Club 460, 2nd Dalene Tyle,r 3rd Franklin Savings Bank.
Blueberry: 1st Western Maine Community Action, 2nd Allied Realty.
Antique Cars: 1st 1929 Madel A (Knowlton), 2nd Dick Hutchinson.
Tractors: 1st Maine Antique Tractor Club, 2nd John Deere.
Best Youth Group: 1st Girl Scout Troop 331, 2nd Team Tucker & Marcie.
Best Walking Group: 1st Tri Valley United Way, 2nd Skowhegan Saving Bank.
Wheels : 1st Circle T Farm, 2nd Wiscasset Raceway.
Horse: 1st Charlene Cushing, 2nd McCleery Horses.

winners were 1st Intimidators Doug Givins and Matthew Levensalo, 2nd Team Called #2 Josh N and Chad B, 3rd Maineiacs Kory Coolidge and Ben Bridges.

Division one 1-12 months: Arabella Jean Harnden 10 months, Wilton.
Division two 13-24 months, 1st Alana Mae Harnden 24 months, Wilton; 2nd place, Ashleigh Grace Roberts 21 months, Jay; 3rd place, Maisy Jodrey, 16 months, Wilton.

Doll: 1st place, Brynlee Smith 10 months, Wilton.
Bike: 1st place Lily Cole 7, Oneonta, N.Y.; 2nd place Jaidynn Pease, 8, Wilton; 3rd place Jackson Cautillo, 5, East Dixfield.
Other: 1st place, Madeline Magnin, 8, Portland; 2nd place Madda Magnin, 2, Portland; 3rd Naveah Rodriquez, 3, Jay.
Parasol Decorating Contest: 1st place Shannon Smith, Blueberry; 2nd place Cheryl Ann Buck-Jerry, Feathers; 3rd place Naveah Rodriquez, masks.

Best in Show: Abigail Bernard, “Untitled,” pencil and charcoal drawing.
Best Themed piece (Mardi Gras): Stephanie Benson “Le Clown Elephant,” mixed media.
Aspiring Young Artist award
(Ages 2-13) Kevin Montminy, 10, “Sea Horse.” watercolor.
(Ages 14-18) Maya Jocelyn Smith, “Reagan Triptych,” mixed media.
Honorable mention: Lawrence Manning “Lady in Red.” painting.

Blueberry Best of Show: Paula Esposito.
Main Dish Adult 15 and under: 1st Paula Esposito, 2nd Jessica Clouser, 3rd Tyler Beattie
Breakfast Adult 15 and under: 1st Tyler Beattie, 1st Trent Reese, 2nd Jessica Clouser, 3rd Beth Karkos.
Dessert Adult 15 and under: 1st Beth Karkos, 1st Jasmine Carlton, 2nd Emma Lively, 3rd Calvin Cizek.
Misc. Adult 15 and under: 1st Tyler Beattie, 1st Lucy Heidenny, 2nd Ryan Decker, 3rd Beth Karkos.

Chili Best of Show: Brooke McKenna; Adult: 1st Brooke McKenna, 2nd Beth Karkos

PHOTO: The Lions prepare the Blueberry Pancake Breakfast at the Wilton Blueberry Festival. (Submitted photo)