Digital Maine hunting guides available for download

AUGUSTA — The state Department of Inland Fish and Wildlife is reminding hunters that being a responsible user of the Maine outdoors means staying informed of, and complying with, the current laws and rules.
The department’s summary guides to hunting rules are available in new digital formats, which allow those outdoors to quickly check a law, confirm legal hunting hours, look up best practices and more from anywhere at any time.
If going somewhere where there is no cell coverage, visit, and browse by activity. The law book and reference guide can be saved offline for reference when there’s no cell coverage. They can also be printed out.
Quick reference guides are also available that include a legal hunting time table and a chart of the hunting seasons and bag limits.
In 2016, the department printed more than 700,000 law books, which is a lot of paper. With 77 percent of the U.S. population using smartphones in 2017, the agenc made a shift. While some books are still being printed and avaiable at license agent locations, the department asks those with smartphones make use of the “convenient and responsible” digital options.
Visit for a copy.