Augusta Kiwanis Club hands out multiple awards

AUGUSTA –The Augusta Kiwanis Club recognized club members who have completed 25 years of more with the Legion of Honor Award in an annual ceremony.
Recipients were:
* Past presidents Leroy Hussey, 60 years; Leo Murphy, 55 years; Robert Leason, 50 years; David Hastings, 30 years. * Scholarship Foundation, Mark Johnston, 30 years; member Peter Thompson, 30 years.
* Past governor of the New England and Bermuda District of Kiwanis, Carolyn Perry, 25 years; Richard Maxwell, 25 years.
* Assistant treasurer, Gary Lapierre, 25 years.
The club also recognizes members completing five, 10, 15 and 20 years, with the Legion of Merit Award. This year’s recipients are Past International Foundation Trustee and 2018-19 Augusta Kiwanis Club President Alice Savage, 20 years; past lieutenant governor Kim Merrill, 20 years; past president Elizabeth Pohl 15, years; President-elect Jennifer Coffin, 15 years; Treaurer Philip Davidson, 10 years; member Ben Ridley, five years.
For more information about Kiwanis, 207-462-1511.

PHOTO: Collectively, these members of the Kiwanis Club have given service for 415 years! In front, from left, Leo Murphy, Kim Merrill, Alice Savage, Elizabeth Pohl; in back, Gary Lapierre, Philip Davidson, Peter Thompson, Carolyn Perry, Leroy Hussey, Mark Johnston. (Submitted photo)