Rangeley CASA students support Western Maine Homeless Outreach, Safe Voices

RANGELEY — One of the goals of Rangeley Friends of the Art’s Creative After School Arts program is to encourage responsible citizenship. At the root of that lesson are good deeds in action. Students attending the CASA program are participating in an initiative called Get WOKE Rangeley, designed to promote good citizenship and social awareness in students.

This school season, CASA students asked to partner with United Way of the Tri-Valley Area to raise funds for Western Maine Homeless Outreach and Safe Voices. Students initiated an effort to raise money by making jewelry, slime, gingerbread houses, greeting cards and refrigerator magnets. They raised $330 selling handmade crafts at Rangeley’s annual Mountain Holly Days.
At CASA, latch key kids, artistic kids, ambitious kids, quiet kids, all kids will find a relaxed healthy home-away-from-home where they can thrive. CASA offers students the opportunity to participate in instrument and dance lessons, live theater, community service, a public art project, newspaper reporting, jewelry and craft making, creative imaginings and generally fun times. The program is free and offered every day after school to students grades five through 12. CASA is a nonprofit student enrichment program provided by the Rangeley Friends of the Arts. It is funded entirely by donation and grant money. CASA is supported in part by the United Way of the Tri-Valley Area.
For more information about Rangeley Friends of the Arts, visit rangeleyarts.org/ or check out the Facebook page, www.facebook.com/RangeleyFriendsOfTheArts/.

PHOTO: From left, Anna Rose Ross, Elizabeth Robare and teacher Brittany Wetherill (Submitted photo)