LIVE LONG, LIVE WELL by Jodi Cornelio: It’s September, take a hike

By Jodi Cornelio

Hiking is good for all aspects of your health, mind, body and soul and September is a great time to explore hiking trails. With great weather and a low fly count, what can be more relaxing then a hike in the mountains of Maine?

Here are my top five benefits of hiking:
* It’s a great calorie burn. According to Wikipedia, depending on your size, the average individual can burn as many as 500 calorie per hour on a steady hike.
* Hiking can help decrease the risk of heart disease and obesity. A person who regularly hikes and is active decreases overall risk of many lifestyle-induced health issues. Hiking increases your heart rate and exercises your heart in an interval-type fashion, which is the best kind of exercise for your heart. Therefore improving blood pressures and blood sugar levels.
* Since hiking is a weight-bearing exercise, it is great for bone density strengthening, not to mention building strength and muscle in you glutes, thighs and all those lower-body problem areas women seem to focus on.
* Hiking is also good for balance and core strengthening. Hiking over rocks and stumps cause our body to move in different ways using many muscles of the core, thus improving balance and core strength.
* Last but not least, hiking is romantic and good for the soul. Being in the woods and mountains while exploring beautiful views of nature relaxes your mind and your soul, stirring the vibrations in a romantic heart.
My top four great hikes:
* Cadillac Mountain is a yearly tradition in my world. The tallest mountain in Acadia National Park with stunning views of the sunset, sunrise and the full moon — if timing is just right. The North Ridge trail is 2.2 miles, starting in the forest and opening up to the stars, the moon and beautiful views of Bar Harbor and the islands below.
* Table Rock is a fun, little, slightly demanding hike with some metal bar step and rock climbing though and over caves. It’s located in Grafton Notch and is 2.6 miles along parts of the Appalachian Trail. A fun must do if you have a couple hours.
* A personal favorite of mine is Tumbledown Mountain in Weld, which brings up fond memories as it is near my hometown. I have hiked it many times in September. It is definitely worth taking the whole day to hike and enjoy the views.
* Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park. I have hiked it only once, but I would definitely give it another go. Katahdin is Maine tallest mountain, and after you have hiked it, you’ll want to soak in a hot tub. It’s definitely a day hike, but we were able to muscle through it in five hours, (not that I am bragging at all).
I hope these suggested trails inspire you to take a September hike.
Live Long, Live Well