Honeymooners share their Reny’s Maine adventure

Dolly Aldrich and Phil Curtis. (Submitted photo)

By Jodi Cornelio
CEO, Turner Publishing

Phil Curtis, 80, and Dolly Aldrich, 71, lifelong friends, were married recently. As a honeymoon adventure, they chose to visit every Reny’s store in Maine over Veterans Day weekend.
Why? Because the scheduled date of their wedding conflicted with Reny’s annual “Early Bird Sales,” so they figured – both being avid Reny’s shoppers – that they would spend their honeymoon weekend visiting and shopping at all 17 locations in Maine.

Dolly and Dolly
Dolly points to a Reny’s employee’s name tag who also is named Dolly (Submitted photo).

By the time they got to the ninth or 10th store, Reny’s had spread the word and the managers were welcoming them to each store going forward.

This Maine Adventure was so great that a professional singer-songwriter in Boston wrote a song about it. Read more about the honeymooners on Reny’s Facebook page.

“One thing that was most evident to both of us,” Dolly said, “was how wonderful the staff is that works at Reny’s. They were all warm, friendly and accommodating – very, very helpful. One turned out to be a daughter of Phil’s student from TA. Another shared my first name, Dolly – there are very few of us.”

Dolly continued, “The last part of our story is really the first part as well. I had been alone for eight years, when my change in relationship occurred with Phil, from friend to romantic partner and now spouse. I truly thought my ship had sailed and I was living my life happily alone. I was very surprised when I discovered, that my ship sailed right into Phil’s arms! We had ‘Our ships have not sailed’ written on our cake and a little boat on the top.

“Each day we express gratitude to one another for our many blessings. As we both say, ‘Who’d have thunk it?’”

The journey

Starting at the southernmost location in Wells, the couple drove to the Saco location then on to the Bath location. They migrated from town to town, making stops at Renys in Damariscotta, Camden, Belfast, Ellsworth, Dexter, Gardiner, Portland, Topsham, Bridgton, Windham, New Castle, Madison, Farmington and Pittsfield.

When asked what the Reny family thinks of the honeymooners’ quest to experience all the 17 locations in Maine, Mary Kate Reny said, “Our family is completely humbled and delighted that Dolly and Phil shared this magical time with us. Here’s to many more Maine adventures for the newlyweds!”

So now the real question is, and this writer wants to know, “What did you get at Renys?” Because of Christmas gift buying, that answer will have to remain a surprise.

Thank you Phil and Dolly for bringing this loving story to all of us during this wonderful and magical time of year.

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