Foraging, edible, medicinal plants talk at Lithgow library Sept. 6

AUGUSTA — Lithgow Public Library will host an informational program — “Foraging: Edible and Medicinal Plants” — at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 6.
Ryan Busby, instructor with the Maine Primitive Skills School, will help participants learn to identify, plants, sustainably harvest, and use wild-foraged foods to feed themselves and others to improve health.

Wild foods and medicines have nourished and protected humans for hundreds of thousands of years, but mankind has replaced much of the Earth’s wild lands with constructed or cultivated spaces. Nonetheless there is still an abundance of wild foods to rediscover and enjoy.
Busby will lead a discussion about some of the many benefits that reconnecting with wild plants can have. From the nutrient content of wild foods, to the array of herbal medicines available, to the joy of foraging and the regenerative effects of tending wild plots for increased bounty and a mutually beneficial relationship, Busby hopes to inspire participants to explore their backyards or nearby public lands for hidden treasures. A short presentation on the benefits of wild foods and a few stories about foraging will give way to a group discussion on wild foods and medicines.
The program is appropriate for the curious as well as seasoned foragers and is free and open to the public. The library is at 45 Winthrop St.
For more inormation, call 207-626-2415 or visit