BRIDGTON – The Pleasant Mountain Snowmobile Club-Trip to Millinocket

February 2024

BRIDGTON – The Pleasant Mountain Snowmobile Club, (formerly Bridgton Easy Riders) recently enjoyed a successful and fun trip to Millinocket. With their snowmobiles and gear loaded in their trailers, 34 members of the Club drove north to Baxter Park Inn, Millinocket, which would serve as their base for the next 4 days of snowmobiling. The Club has made this trip several times in recent years and always has a great time. The Baxter Park Inn offers a delicious buffet breakfast in a private banquet room, which gives the Club members a place to socialize and plan their day. There is direct access to the trail from the Inn’s parking lot, and gas is available nearby.

The group of Pleasant Mountain Snowmobile Club members consists of couples and singles, and everyone can select a snowmobile group to match their interests and experience. Group leaders, and many of the riders, have communicators in their helmets (currently the Cardo system) so they can respond to one another when needed. They can also alert others in the group about approaching sleds, upcoming trail junctions, rest stops, and scenery. Care is taken to keep the riding group together and be sure everyone is safe.

Riding conditions in the Millinocket area were superb and the trails were well-groomed. The region is famous for its scenery, and from the snowmobile trails, there are often clear views of Mt. Katahdin, seen from many different directions. The view of Katahdin’s Knife Edge, seen from the east, is spectacular. There were also rides to popular places such as Shin Pond Village, Brownville, Matagamon Wilderness, and Kokadjo.

One day, a group of the Club’s more experienced and adventurous snowmobilers aka “The Fast Group” rode a 221-mile round trip to “The Trains”, which is a popular year-round tourist destination. Two massive steam engines that were used almost a century ago to move timber were left behind after the supply of timber was depleted, and today they remain where they were abandoned. (See photo below) More information can be found on the website of Maine’s Bureau of Parks and Lands.

Food is always an important part of snowmobile trips, so Club members made sure to visit their favorite restaurants at each destination, as well as River Driver’s Restaurant, Knife’s Edge Restaurant (part of New England Outdoor Center) and Grandbelly’s Country Cafe. A special treat is the evening spent at the snowmobile clubhouse of the East Branch Sno Rovers. The evening includes a delicious supper followed by their local 15-piece band that provides great entertainment and dance music. It is always a fun time.

The next meeting of Pleasant Mountain Snowmobile Club, (formerly Bridgton Easy Riders) will be Friday, March 8th at 6:45, at the Bridgton Community Center. There will be no Potluck Supper prior to this meeting.

They welcome new members.