Bethel-Rotary-Fifth Graders Leading the way to Greatness!

Bethel Rotary

BETHEL – These two impressive 5th graders attended this week’s Rotary Club of Bethel meeting. Ade Luetje and Madison Osgood, 5th graders at Woodstock Elementary School, along with their student council advisor Andrea Howe, shared about the recent addition of a Yurt to their outdoor education program. A parent donated the yurt, and the deck was built by volunteers led by Brooks Morton. The school, with the assistance of the Town of Woodstock, has also blazed a trail to and up nearby Buck’s Ledge, and every student, from kindergarten to 5th grade has had the opportunity to hike up the trail. Between that and a one-mile track around the schoolyard, the students have a goal to walk the distance from Woodstock to Los Angeles! Their collective mileage, since September 2023, has them in Texas. Fifth graders leading the way to doing  doing great things!