Regional firefighter training funding awarded for 2023

AUGUSTA – The Maine Fire Protection Services Commission in conjunction with the Maine Fire Services Institute has announced funding awards for Regional Firefighter I & II Programs for 2023.
The funding provides curriculum, workbooks, instructors, and other resources for National Fire Protection Association-certified Firefighter I & II programs throughout the state. Approximately 200 firefighters from more than 50 towns will be trained through the programs.
Regional programs will run throughout the year, with all graduates certified by January 2024.
Awarded in the initial round of funding are programs for:
Washington County Fire Academy, guided by Chief William Lee of Calais Fire-EMS;
Franklin County Fire Academy, Chief Timothy Hardy, Farmington Fire Department;
Somerset-Kennebec County Fire Academy, Chief Duane Bickford, Fairfield- Benton Fire Rescue;
Penobscot Fire Academy, Chief Peter Metcalf, Veazie Fire Department;
Lincoln County Fire Academy, Chief Richard Genthner, Nobleboro Fire Rescue;
Oxford County Fire Academy, Chief Paul Hewey, Oxford Fire Rescue;
Northern Aroostook County Fire Academy, Chief Darren Woods, North Lakes Fire Rescue.
Last May, LD 731 became law, establishing funding for NFPA certified training through the Maine Fire Protection Services Commission and the Maine Fire Services Institute. The annual funding is designed to recruit firefighters for underserved and volunteer/on-call fire departments, many of which are in rural and may not have access to more urban areas and live fire training facilities.
For more information on Maine’s regional fire training programs, contact Chief Daniel Brooks, chair of the Maine Fire Protection Services Commission. 207-462-2631.