Maine plant sales map, best practices info available online

ORONO — May and early June mark the planting season in Maine gardens, and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteers program is again hosting an interactive plant sales map.
The 2022 Spring Plant Sale Fundraisers in Maine map listings are alphabetical by date. Find more information about the map and how to add a group’s sale to it on the map webpage.
The extension service isn’t endorsing any particular plant sale with the map, but publishing information it is given from organizations holding fundraising sales.
Another resource is the UMaine Extension free publication “Best Practices for Plant Sale Donors and Buyers in Maine,” available for free download. Being an informed plant sale donor or buyer helps raise funds for organizations, and it means getting the right plant for the right spot in a garden and avoiding future problems.
More information is available on the UMaine Extension Garden and Yard website, or by contacting 207-581-8211 or

The interactive plant sales map, above, allows prospective buyers to filter by date, location and more.