Mainers urged not to ship invasive pests along with holiday greenery

AUGUSTA – Mainers are reminded that when decorating with Maine-grown wreaths, trees, and other decorative plant material, particularly shipping it across the country, be sure to ship only healthy plants.
The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has some tips for making sure that invasive pests aren’t shared along with Maine greenery.
“Shippers should be aware of the many state laws and regulations regarding the movement of plants and forest products,” said Carole Neil, DACF assistant horticulturist. “Many states closely monitor shipments to prevent the introduction of invasive insects and plant diseases. By planning ahead, Maine shippers can speed up deliveries in this time-sensitive industry.”
Tips include:
• Import regulations can vary from state to state; shippers should check destination state regulations before sending plant material. For a summary, visit
• Carefully inspect plant material before packaging to ensure they are free of insects such as scales, egg masses or other pest damage.
• Clearly label packages containing holiday plant material, beginning with the statement, “Grown in Maine,” followed by the county of origin and the name and address of the shipper.
• Labels should include the contents of packages, including the types of greenery, nuts, fruits, and cones used to decorate wreaths.
For information, call 207-287-3891 or email