BBB offers tips for safe package mailing

AUGUSTA — The holiday shopping season this year is going to be more focused on online shopping than ever, and the Better Business Bureau is is offering tips to ensure packages are delivered safely and securely.
Package theft is a growing problem across America — 36% of people recently surveyed have reported a package stolen from their property at least once.
BBB offers the following safe delivery tips:
* Track your packages: Follow shipments from the seller to your front door with online, text message or phone call tracking offered through the delivery company. Sign up for alerts to be notified of delays or exceptions and when the package has been delivered.
* Request a signature: This package delivery feature will likely come with a fee, but without a recipient’s signature, the delivery service won’t be able to leave a package exposed on a doorstep.
* Use your credit card: When making purchases online, use your credit card rather than a debit card or another form of payment. Credit card companies are more likely to offer refunds in the event of theft.
* Insure valuable items: Purchase delivery insurance to protect merchandise against loss or damage. Contact your local police department if you do become a victim of package theft.
* Check with online retailers: Many online retailers offer alternative shipping options. Check to see if they offer a delivery option where you can pick up your items at a delivery hub near you.
* Check with your employer: Some employers will allow package delivery to your place of work for safe keeping.
* Ask your neighbors: If you know people that work out of their home or stay at home that live near you, ask them to look out for your deliveries.
Remember to always report scammers. If you’ve been the target of a scam or suspect scam activity, report it to authorities and BBB Scam Tracker to warn others.
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