LC Bates Museum Atmospheric Water exhibition opens May 10

FAIRFIELD — Atmospheric Water, the L.C. Bates Museum’s 2019 summer exhibition, will open Friday, May 10, with a public opening reception from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Atmospheric Water will showcase representations of the Maine landscape as it is affected by water. Fatured will be works by Michel Droge, Lynn Karlin, Christian Farnsworth, Barbara Sullivan, John Stetson, John Meade, and Nancy Barron to name a few.
Leaving aside depictions of the ocean, lakes, rivers, and streams, the exhibition will consider the many forms water takes as atmosphere transmutes it so it can, in turn, transform the landscape. Working in a range of media, the featured artists explore Maine’s landscape as atmospheric water becomes fog, rain, snow, ice, mist, condensation, clouds, and dew.
Displayed in a non-traditional museum with a strong focus on natural history, works in a variety of mediums and styles from contemporary Maine artists will be featured, giving visitors a fresh perspective on how local artists view and portray nature in their home state.
The exhibition will run from through October. Throughout the summer there will be workshops with featured artists and visitors of all ages are encouraged to attend.
Atmospheric Water is the result of a collaborative effort between the L.C. Bates Museum staff and two Colby College students, Sarah Rossien and Alison Obstler, under the supervision of professor VĂ©ronique Plesch.
For more information about the L.C. Bates Museum’s summer art exhibition and reception contact the L.C.Bates Museum at Good Will-Hinckley 207-238-4250 or
The L.C. Bates Museum on Route 201 in the Hinckley village of Fairfield, on the campus of Good Will-Hinckley.

PHOTO: Works by Lynn Karlin will be among those featured in the L.C. Bates Museum’s Atmospheric Waters exhibition. (Submitted image)