5K Raises Funds For Class Trip

ATHENS — Athens Community School, 8 Fox Hill Road, recently held a fund-raising Haunted 5K to benefit the eight-grade’s upcoming class trip to Boston. The event was held Oct. 29 at the Farm to Farm course in Athens. In addition to the winners, other participants included Dan Michaud and Sherry Dawes, who helped organize and cover logistics; Marge Scott for a prize donation and leading the National Anthem; and Kate Cooey and other members of the ACS Parent/Teachers/Friends organization for the donation of a movie box prize.

The 5K winners in various categories:
Male — 1st, Mike Martin 23:53; 2nd, Andrew Linkletter, (with a double stroller) 27:40; 3rd, Jake Parker, (also with a stroller) 37:47.

Female — 1st, Kassie Dwyer, 24:11; 2nd, Amanda Costa, 28:37, 3rd, Heather Linkletter, 30:35.

High school — 1st and 1st overall, Luke Perkins, 22:40.

Not Yet in HS — 1st, Lily Cooley, 28:20; 2nd, Sam Parker, 34:29; 3rd, Hoyt Cooley, 35:47.

Walkers — 1st, Kate Linkletter, 42:21; 2nd, Marge Scott 49:57; 3rd, Larry Scott, 49:58; Luke Perkins, 22:40; Mike Martin, 23:53; Kassie Dwyer, 24:11; Andrew Linkletter, 27:40; Lily Cooley, 28:20; Amanda Costa, 28:37; Heather Linkletter, 30:3; Sandy Perkins, 32:07; Paula Sawyer, 32:31; Sam Parker, 34:29; Hoyt Cooley, 35:47; Kate Cooley, 35:48; Joyce Bournival, 36:00; Sophie White, 37:44; Noah Parker, 41:51; Tonya Parker, 41:52; Kate Linkletter, 42:21; Caleb White, 46:43; Marge Scott 49:57; Larry Scott, 49:58; Hillary White, 50:19; Chad White, 50:19; Sydney Dawes, 52:40; Jillian Michaud, 54:41; Martin, 52:58; Tanner Mongeon, 54:57; Eli MacMichael, 54:58; Melody Linkletter, 55:01; Megan Linkletter, 55:02; Kate Neville, 55:03.

Costume prizes were awarded to Keltee Linkletter, Hoyt and Lily Cooley, Sam Parker.