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CATCHING HEALTH by Diane Atwood: Maine’s cold water comes with risks

By Diane Atwood
Catching Health

The thermometer may climb nice and high now that summer has arrived in Maine, but not if it’s in the water. When it’s really hot outside, you can be fooled into thinking the water temperature is at least bearable.

CATCHING HEALTH by Diane Atwood: Maine’s Public Health nurses are necessary

Editor’s note: This is an edited and condensed version. For a full version, and more on the state of nursing in Maine, visit Diane Atwood’s blog at

By Diane Atwood

Maine’s first public health nurse was Edith Soule. In 1920, Edith was named director of the newly created Division of Public Health Nursing and Child Hygiene. Two years later she asked Gov. Percival Baxter for funding to hire more nurses who could travel throughout the state.

CATCHING HEALTH by Diane Atwood: Make sure yard work doesn’t hurt

By Diane Atwood

Hey everybody! Spring is really here. Time for us to throw off our wooly blankets and get outside and do some … yardwork? Every time I step outside my door, I see work to be done. The beautiful weather beckons, but not the thought of spring clean up.

CATCHING HEALTH: Six secrets to keeping your New Year’s resolutions

By Dianne Atwood

If you’re anything like me and about 92 percent of the rest of the population in this country, you do a lousy job of sticking to your New Year’s resolutions — even if you make only one.

That’s why I usually don’t make resolutions. Still, at the beginning of every year, I think about starting fresh, trying something new, or doing something a different way.

Loathsome fruit fly contributing to wound healing research

By Diane Atwood
Health Reporter

How many fruit flies have you killed in your lifetime? More than you can count? When you’re done reading this blog post, you may have a much greater appreciation for this usually annoying little creature.

CATCHING HEALTH: Doctor’s orders, you have to try these MaineGeneral recipes

By Diane Atwood

AUGUSTA — You have to try this recipe for spring rolls. Doctor’s orders. They’re delicious. They’re healthy. They’re easy to make. The recipe comes from MaineGeneral Medical Center.

Most people leave the hospital with a prescription for medication, but at MaineGeneral, you might also be encouraged to take some cooking classes in its state of the art teaching kitchen, which is the envy of any serious chef.

CATCHING HEALTH by Diane Atwood: Can you learn to feel grateful when you feel anything but?

By Diane Atwood Health Reporter

It’s easy to be grateful when everything’s going your way, but feelings of gratitude can quickly disappear when you or everything around you is in upheaval. Dr. Robert Emmons believes that it is when we’re in crisis mode that we benefit the most from being grateful. He believes that because he has been researching gratitude for about 15 years and has written numerous papers and books on the subject and has come to realize its many benefits.

Boomers CATCHING HEALTH: Learning the hard way about shingles

By Diane Atwood

It was the beginning of a holiday weekend when Al felt a strange sensation on his right buttock, just underneath his back pocket where he carried his wallet. It was kind of sore and kind of itchy.

Although it wasn’t easy to do, he took a look and saw a red area. He figured his skin was irritated from rubbing against the corner of his wallet.
The red area got larger and the painful itch became more intense. Al hated to bother his doctor during a holiday so he waited three days to call for an appointment.

CATCHING HEALTH: Worrying about health insurance while sick

In the middle of his battle against cancer, a Maine man is terrified his health insurance plan is about to be destroyed

By Diane Atwood,
Health Writer

If it weren’t for the Affordable Care Act, Stretch Tuemmler might be on the road to bankruptcy — or worse if he wasn’t able to access the health care he needs right now.

Using Myers-Briggs to understand connection between your personality and how you handle stress

By Diane Atwood

There is stress and then there is STRESS. Does that make sense?

Whatever the level of stress in our lives, we each have our own ways of dealing with it. Or not.

When I’m overly stressed, I tend to get bitchy. That’s right. I do. I find fault with the smallest things. And I withdraw. Those who understand me well know that if I’m in a really bad space, I prefer to be left alone. Even a hug won’t do. I like hugging people, but not when I’m under stress.
Rebecca Vincelette would tell me that when I’m like that, I’m “in the grip of my inferior function.” That’s Myers-Briggs talk. Rebecca is an MBTI -Certified Practitioner.