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CRITTER CHATTER: It’s time to say thank-you and good-bye

By Carleen Cote

VASSALBORO — It seems like only yesterday when we applied for and received our federal and state rehabilitation permits, and the first wildlife began to arrive at our rehab center.
Since 1965, it was the choice of my husband Donald and I to forego vacations, evenings on the town and holiday celebrations to offer around-the-clock care for the abandoned and wounded critters brought to our door.

Critter Chatter by Carleen Cote: Difficult decisions face caretakers at wildlife center

Difficult decisions face caretakers at Wildlife Rehabilitaion Center
By Carleen Cote

VASSALBORO — Another busy baby season has come to an end — phew! — Although we can never say it has ended for the year, as we receive injured animals year round, especially in the fall. The pens in the basement house wildlife that will spend the winter with us in recovery and beyond. They cannot be released in the cold weather after spending weeks in a warm environment, nor would we want to release them to unfamiliar territory in the winter.

CRITTER CHATTER: Life’s speed bumps might slow you down, but the work must continue By Carleen Cote

Life’s speed bumps might slow you down, but the work must continue
By Carleen Cote

Speed bumps, those elevated sections of pavement designed to slow speeding drivers, are experienced in our lives as well. Our speed bumps were not planned. On Oct. 7, 2015, my husband Donald had been painting a storage building. He got to the third rung on the ladder, felt dizzy and fell off. Experiencing excruciating pain, he was unable to stand or walk, so he crawled across the field to the house. The doctor on call told him he needed an MRI, but it couldn’t be scheduled until Oct. 19.

Critter Chatter by Carleen Cote: Flying squirrels may move into attics for warmth

Could sounds at night in the rafters be squirrels? This question is occasionally asked, especially this time of year. Callers ask if there could be red or gray squirrels in the walls or the ceiling. We assure them that those species do not roam at night, but perhaps they are harboring flying squirrels.