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FEATURE COLUMN by Britny Belskis: Appreciate your ‘tribe’

Hey, lovely readers,
I am so excited and happy to meet with you — my tribe — once again. If you are reading this, you are part of my tribe. You are probably able to see where this article is going, but if not, that is totally OK.

AROUND THE BLOCK with Victor Block: Myanmar will long linger with us

By Victor Block

My first surprise was that a Buddhist monk in Myanmar speaks enough English to carry on a conversation. Imagine how astonished I was when he pulled a smartphone from his robe and showed photographs of his recent trip to Japan.

PET TALK WITH THE TURNER VET: Tending to the call of the wild

By Rhonda Baillargeon, LVT

We are lucky to live in this rural area. There is not as much traffic, pollution,or noise as there is in the urban areas. There are drawbacks to the country life, however. Our pets run the risk of dangerous encounters with wild animals. These meetings can result in bite or scratch wounds, broken bones, porcupine quills and even death.
But there are things you can do to help keep yourself and your pet safe and also to decide if your pet requires veterinary care after a wildlife encounter.

PET TALK WITH THE TURNER VET: Carriers, leashes help keep pets safe

By Rhonda Baillargeon, LVT

TURNER — Let’s face it, going to the veterinary office can be a stressful time for pets and their parents. Even the sweetest, most docile pet can have a change of attitude when it arrives at the hospital.
Not only is it bombarded by unfamiliar scents and noises, it can also sense that mom and dad are nervous or anxious about the trip.

FEATURE COLUMN by Britny Belskis: It’s time to take inventory

By Britny Belskis

Hi, friends,
It’s great to meet again in this new month of opportunities.
As this month started off, I was overwhelmed with classes and life occurrences leading to anxiety attacks creeping in and out. That’s when I leaned on my higher power, and it all turned around for me.

PET TALK WITH THE TURNER VET: Acupuncture may help your pet

TURNER — The practice of acupuncture in veterinary medicine is an often overlooked but highly effective and non-invasive treatment modality.
Acupuncture involves the insertion of very small needles into specific points on the body to produce a healing response. This technique has been used for thousands of years in China to treat both humans and animals for a variety of medical problems.

FEATURE COLUMN by Britny Beskis: A broken crayon can still color

By Britny Belskis

Hey Friends,
It’s another full-of-adventure and beautiful-wonders-around-us month. I recently attended a conference at college, which lead to some big inspirations for my articles. One thing that stuck with me is “Broken crayons still color.” This saying stopped me in my tracks.

PET TALK WITH THE TURNER VET: It’s National Guinea Pig Month

By Rhonda Baillargeon, LVT

In honor of national guinea pig month, let’s take a closer look at these endearing pocket pets. These tailless rodents are native to the western coast of Africa and are actually called Cavies.
They have been used in research laboratories for more than 200 years, but have become adorable house pets as well.

CRITTER CHATTER: It’s time to say thank-you and good-bye

By Carleen Cote

VASSALBORO — It seems like only yesterday when we applied for and received our federal and state rehabilitation permits, and the first wildlife began to arrive at our rehab center.
Since 1965, it was the choice of my husband Donald and I to forego vacations, evenings on the town and holiday celebrations to offer around-the-clock care for the abandoned and wounded critters brought to our door.

PET TALK with the Turner vet: The straight talk on declawing

By Rhonda Baillargeon, LVT

TURNER — Declawing is the procedure by which a cat’s nails are permanently removed. It is different from a simple trimming because the last part of the toe is amputated to prevent the nail from growing back.
This procedure is very controversial and can lead to heated debate among groups of veterinary professionals.